Sunday, December 12, 2010

I heart Christmas


> Can I just say, I love Christmas! Christmas lights, carols,
> shopping, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, etc., etc., etc. I love
> it all. And the very best part of this Christmas is that it is
> Peyton's very first Christmas ever. I am so excited. She may not
> remember anything and she'll probably have no clue about what is
> going on, but it'll be entertaining for mom and dad at least.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HapPEY Easter!

Well I know it's been awhile... and I should have had loads to blog about... and, well, technically I guess I do... but I've just been too distracted to share. So... check me out I made a movie. :) We had a fabulous 1st Easter with Peyton. We made it to church and all looked stunning. Peyton actually slept all the way thru the service... Way to go Peyton. We had a spectacular lunch and then somehow managed to get some pretty pictures out of the event. Peyton wanted to show off her pretty Easter dress to Bibi so we headed to the Fanning domain for the rest of the evening. Not really sure why we didn't take any pictures over there, but I think by that point I was a little bit out of it. I have to admit that it's pretty tiring to get a 4 week old ready and going so early in the morning and myself as well. I mean, heck, I started getting ready at 5:30 and walked out the door at 8:50ish. That doesn't bode well for when I go back to work...SIGH...I'm dreading that day. :(
Anyway for all of you who are interested... here's our first Easter pictures. ENJOY!